Doing Anal Play The Sexy, Safe and Healthy Way


Being adventurous may give you so much fun and unequal experiences yet, in any ways, you must be accountable and responsible with everything that you do with your body and your partner’s too. Playing on a bed means so much most especially when that someone you are with is so special to you, you must be able to keep the night romantic yet a bit animalistic. You are thinking of having anal play, that’s quite intriguing and interesting for some, but with all purpose you got for trying, here are the tips that would make you sure that you are doing things right.

Most anal plays are done by gays and girls that are more adventurous than the usual, anal play is just a natural part of discovering new things in sexual pleasures that will give a new experience and taste to your usual sex routines. Anal play most come with toys used an inserted to make things really pleasurable and the important thing you must remember is to choose the right sex toy to use. This is quite a sensitive part and one of the most vital parts of your body, that once affected, would really result to undesirable and shameful condition.

For women, it is a fact that it would really hurt the most, so in order for you to lighten things up, expect the worst for you to experience the fun. Make sure that you are aware of the things that you are getting in, and aware of the things that will help you bare the pain such as the use of lubricants. Lubricants or sex lotions are the most important stuff you must have right before you try anal play. This is either when you are planning to play with a toy or with your guy, lubricants will really lighten up the load.

If you are doing it with a person you may not know that well, or let say doing it when you are having a one night stand would really require you to protect yourself from getting infected with any other sexual and viral diseases. As much as possible, you must ask your partner to use condoms right before the penetration. Remember, your anus consists of thousands of numbers of nerves that will really be painful for you to make it experience a foreign object inserted. Tendencies are for you to get lacerated and when your partner is infected, bacteria and viruses will be easily spread to your body.

Starting with thin, either thin sex toy or through the use of your pinky finger for you to test yourself whether you will be able to bare the pain or not. This will also prepare your anus for fuller penetration once stretched before the actual penis insertion. This applies both to gays and women that are interested of experiencing anal play. If you still have doubts you may talk to your doctor to gather more useful information.

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